Carol – Master Stylist


Carol is a dedicated and hard working stylist on our Scissorworks team.  She is a proud Calgarian, who enjoys surrounding herself with family, friends and her amazing community of clients.

She is always ready to meet and establish relationships with new clients as well.

Carol is committed to providing clients with new fresh trendy styles.  She is experienced in cutting men and women’s short or long hair.  She is excellent at formulating colours for a fresh look, adding some fabulous highlights or balayage, to give your hair colour a youthful appearance.  She always participates in ongoing advanced education to improve her craft.  Most of all she wants everyone to leave feeling good about themselves.

She has been in the hair industry for thirty-seven years.  Carol has been representing the salon’s core values of integrity, passion, inspiration, creativity and loyalty with her clients and team for the last eleven years at Scissorworks and Company.

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