Erin H.

eirn h

 Master Stylist

Erin grew up in Calgary and became a stylist because she loves to make people feel good about themselves and is such a people person. She has a bubbly, fun, life of the party persona.

Her easygoing, laid back, free spirited attitude brings out her creative side. Erin loves to learn and utilize new techniques.  She is excellent creating bold colors, beautiful blonde tones and big color transformations. She is a versatile stylist, doing soft layers and perimeters to edgy almost rocker long or short hair.

Erin gets her inspiration not only from her co-workers, but also by attending master classes and hair shows. Erin is an essential, creative member of our salon team. She has spent the last 18 years of her career with the salon.

In her spare time she loves to go to music festivals, go camping and spend time with her large circle of friends.




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