Do you want your color to last longer? Is your hair in need of CPR? We have a solution for you!

Our single dose L’Oreal treatments work in synergy with L’Oreal Professional Hair color. These treatments were developed in Paris, France to give you instantaneous shine and condition for your hair.


This one step treatment will benefit your hair after your color service. Powerdose will seal in, prolong and preserve the shine of your beautifully colored hair. This treatment will benefit the surface and cuticle layer of your hair to lock in your new color.


This one step treatment will benefit your chemically damaged hair If your hair is dry, fragile or sensitized, Repair B instantaneously provides deep condition to your hair. This treatment treats the surface and cuticle layer of your hair to strengthen the hair fibers.


This one step treatment is an ideal for your highlighted hair. This treatment will help you maintain the brightness and intensity of your highlights, accentuating the illumination of your beautiful highlights against the rest of your hair. Lumino Contrast treats the surface and the cuticle of your hair for incredible shine and detangling.

FIBERCUETIC TREATMENT (Botox for the hair) ($20.00)

Is your hair very dry or much damaged? Is your hair over-colored or dry from the sun?

This 2 step treatment will reinforce the protective layer of your hair. It works from the inside out to rebuild your very damaged hair. Fibercuetic Treatment treats the cuticle, surface and the cortex of your hair to rebuild your hair from the inside out. This treatment is recommended after a highlighting service or before a haircutting service.



This luxurious two step treatment is ideal after your color/highlighting service. Cristleceutics protects color and prevents fading; this treatment traps color pigments in the heart (cortex) of the hair fiber.  The outside of the hair fiber is also sealed to create a water resistant network to protect your color. This treatment treats surface, cuticle and cortex.



The unique chemistry in this treatment relinks broken disulfide bonds in the hair.  Internal strength, structure and integrity will be restored. This repairs damage due to chemical, mechanical or thermal styling. (This is NOT a conditioning or a protein treatment.)


You can expect to have your treatment after your color service OR before a haircutting or styling service at our back bar.

You will be treated to one of our relaxing head massages while your treatment is processing. Once your treatment has been rinsed, your hair will feel luxurious and silky. You can relax with a nice warm hot pack and sip something from our ever changing complimentary drink menu. You will love our drink of the month!!

Treatments last 6-10 shampoos

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