Our Story

Mission Statement

We build relationships. 

One client, one appointment at a time.

Through teamwork we are committed to deliver excellence.

We will always create an environment where staff are proud to be

and clients are valued.

Core Values 


The Scissorworks and Company story began 28 years ago in my parents’ living room. I was 23 years old and had been in the hair industry since I was 17. I was ready for a change and so were a few of my fellow stylists.

I opened the doors November 13, 1991 in our present location on Bonaventure Drive, in Calgary. I had envisioned running my own salon since I was a teenager. My parents being entrepreneurs themselves, helped me a lot in the early years starting up and running my own business. I always believed that if I did something I loved, a career would never feel like work. The salon opened with 6 stylists and 3 support staff. One of the original team still works alongside me today. The salon has continued to grow each year, allowing me to envision changes to adapt to our clients’ needs and the hair industry. I have always felt ongoing education for the team, redecorating and remodelling the salon decor would keep our environment current and up to date.


The salon certainly has seen its share of “new looks” over the years, as you can see from the photos. I have always considered the amazing people I work with and the wonderful community of clients that visit my salon each year to be a blessing. I am grateful for the synergy that is all around me and my team.

My philosophy has stayed constant over the last 26 years…

I believe if we, as a team give our highly valued clients more that they expect, always provide excellent customer service and maintain a purposeful energetic environment for our co-workers, Scissorworks and Company will continue to prosper.

Shelley Lester


Our first staff meeting; November 1991

Scissorworks and Company in their first staff meting 1991 in Calgary, AB

The original look of Scissorworks and Company

The original look of Scissorworks and Company

Next look (country theme)

Country theme in Scissorworks and Company

Next look (roman theme)

Roman Theme in Scissorworks and Company, hairstylist experts in Calgary, AB

Largest and most significant reno project. We closed for a week to redo the salon in a modern theme (2001)

Modern Theme in the interiors of Scissorworks and Company Calgary, AB

Modern theme -the interiors of Scissorworks and Company Calgary, AB

Another reno project. We added a “Colour Bar”, a new trend in the salon industry. We closed for a week. We brought the mystery of “back room formulation” out into the open for clients to view. (2010)

Colour Bar set in Scissorworks and Compnay

Inside Scissorworks Salon, Calgary, AB

Another update (2012) 

2012 theme of Scissorworks and Company