Hair extensions by Scissorworks and Company in Calgary, AB


Are you searching for added volume? Do you desire longer hair? Are you looking to achieve thickness?

       Look no further as we have the answer for you! Extensions not only help with adding length to your hair, they can also assist with adding thickness, and volume! One of our talented extension specialists will be able to customize your extensions to achieve your desired look.

        Our extensions are made from real human hair and are created by Babe Extensions. All Babe’s hair is ethically sourced hair  from India and Asian countries. All Babe hair is 100% Remy hair meaning the hair is shaved right from the root ensuring the cuticle is smooth. This process reduces matting and tangling for you! The hairs smooth texture is created without using synthetic coatings like silicone.

        Babe hair is processed for thirty to forty five days to achieve the beautiful colours that Babe has to offer. At Scissorworks we offer three different types of extensions (descriptions below): Tape In, Bead, and Fusion.

Keratin Bond Extensions (Fusion Extensions)

        This technique involves connecting the extensions to the hair with keratin protein bonds. Each stand will be individually attached for 360 degree movement and ultimate styling potential!

  • The hair can be reinstalled up to three times (with proper care).
  • Lasts 12-16 weeks with proper care.

Seamless Finish (Tape In Extensions)

        This technique will provide length and volume and  they blend with ease! The medical grade adhesive is designed for hair to create a seamless effect. With proper care they won’t weaken and will hold well in your hair, until you’re ready to remove them with help of one of our extension experts!

  • The hair can be reinstalled up to three times (with proper care).
  • Lasts 6 – 8 weeks with proper care (dependent on your hair growth).

Bead Extensions

        Beads are lightweight and specially designed to not damage your natural hair! They are safe, secure and blend easily with your hair.

  • The hair can be reinstalled up to three times (with proper care).
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks with proper care (dependent on your hair growth).



                                        Please note a consultation is required prior your full appointment being booked.

                        At your consultation your extension specialist will:

  • Discuss your extension options.
  • Select your extension colour(s)
  • Provide a quote and approximate timing for your service.
  • Book your full appointment.
  • Take a non refundable deposit which will be half of the service charge quoted.
  • Place your order to ensure your extensions are delivered prior to your install.