New Products

Ethica Shampoo:

    Consider this shampoo an essential part of your daily care regimen. 

Maximizes the potential of all hair types.

Accelerates speed of growth.

Reduces shedding, protects and strengthens.

Improves volume, smoothness and shine.

Reduces frizz and flyaways.

Heat and color protection.




Ethica Conditioner:

    This conditioner nourishes the scalp while leaving the hair hydrated, protected and de-tangled without adding weight or heaviness.

Protection in dry or humid climates.

Balances PH and Moisture levels.

Does NOT weigh down the hair shaft.





Ethica Ageless (Daily Topical):

Ingredients deliver deep into the hair follicle, providing multiple benefits while remaining weightless and residue free! 

Great for frontal hairline and overall density improvement.

Reduces shedding, protects and strengthens your hair.

Creates volume and texture.

Accelerates speed of growth.





Ethica Corrective (Daily Topical):

Powerful results for advanced correction needs.

“Powerful, targeted results previously unattainable without surgery”

Ideal for moderate to advanced corrective needs.

Leaves NO residue.

Accelerates speed of growth.

Spot treat for problematic areas.

For both men and women.

Can be used after chemotherapy to rebuild.


















Crystal Angel

An illuminating treatment that will add a protective top coat that moisturizes, enhances, restores shine and refreshes color. 







Autum Angel

Will help neutralize unwanted shades by adding a rose hue while also creating shine.












Sugared Angel 

A sweet treat for your highlighted/blonde hair ! It will enhance the color, it is ideal for sandy blondes as well as biscuit browns.








Cool Angel

Ideal for help enhancing ash tones by neutralising unwanted red and oranges. Perfect for platinums, silvers, crystal blondes, ash blondes, ash brunettes and of course natural greys.