Is it a new season and are you are ready to change it up?IMG_2116

Light to Dark

Are you bored with light colored hair?  Are you tired of the constant regrowth line against your light shade?  Do you feel like having a deep rich shade that brings out your eyes and looks radiant against your skin?

A Color Change corrective service of ” light to dark” will minimize your maintenance and leave your hair looking polished and radiant.

You can expect to be colored twice with this corrective service. The first application will fill your hair with pigment it will need to hold onto your new darker shade.  The second application will produce the shade that is just right for you.

We recommend Color Powerdose treatment to seal in your new color.

Dark to Light

Are you tired of dark hair?  Are you ready to wow your friends with a new shade?  Would you like your hair to be a few shades lighter all over, not just with highlights?

A  Color Removal  corrective color is a service that we do when you are looking for a lighter color and you have a darker color build-up on the hair.

We will prep your hair for a new lighter look with a color remover.  Depending on the level of your color you have, and the degree of lightness you desire, this may need to be done more that once.  This service lifts off all unwanted dark artificial color not affecting your natural color at all.  Once the artificial pigment has lifted off, a color product will be applied to achieve a vibrant, rich color you will love.

This service requires a consultation with your stylist.  It can be a time consuming process and we want to book you the correct amount of time with us.

Your stylist will consult with you to determine your end result as timing and technique will vary depending on your hair.

We recommend a color Powerdose treatment today to lock in your new color.

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