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The Beauty Crew for You

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Owner | Salon Director

Shelley grew up in Calgary and opened up Scissorworks and Company in November of 1991.

She became a stylist and salon owner because of a deep conviction that “Through Passion Comes Prosperity”.


She is passionate about her business and is dedicated to always creating a welcoming, inviting salon atmosphere. She feels grateful for the loyalty of her talented team and the continued support of the salon clientele.

Shelley’s focus is always on continued customer care with our loyal clients and welcoming new guests into the salon to consult with one of her stylists.

As well as running her business she loves working alongside her stylists as a team player on the salon floor. Shelley enjoys working with clients in her chair, the relationships she builds, and the beautiful looks she creates.  


Her goal is to make each and every client feel pretty and happy with themselves.

Travel, paddleboarding, learning to speak Spanish, and family time balance out her life.

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