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Quality Services for Dashing Results

Salon Scissor Works and is a premier Hair Salon in SE Calgary, and we’re ready to bring out your good looks. Whether you’re hoping to get ready for a night out on the town or want to look great for that upcoming event, we’ve totally got you covered. Salon Scissor Works has a wide range of services, however, if you are in need of something unique, please inquire.

Luxury Colour

Are you looking for an ammonia-free alternative in permanent hair colour? Do you have unwanted grey or silver hair? Do you want to be lighter than your natural hair colour? Do you experience scalp irritation or product sensitivities?


We can assist you attain that gorgeous colour you crave with our Kevin Murphy or L'Oréal luxury colour lines which are ammonia-free, and scent-free.  These state of the art colour lines deliver beautiful shine, and incredible condition without irritation due to the latest science used to produce these elite color brands! 

Don't forget to ask about our treatments by Kevin Murphy and Eleven Australia will lock in your fresh colour.

Superior Color

Are you interested in shine and radiance or to change your hue? Do you feel like copper reflects or golden shine reflecting through deep dark intense chocolates? Cherry red or plum undertones?


You will love our demi-permanent colour “RICHESSE” as it will softly fade away, reducing your maintenance.

Do you have unwanted grey? Do you want to be up to 3 shades lighter? Our permanent colour line “MAJIREL” can give you the look you are after in one step. You will enjoy the shine and vibrancy. Your options are endless with so many beautiful shades in the collection.


Your stylist will work with you to achieve a formula specific to your hair. Seal in your colour today with a treatment.


We all know how great it feels to walk out of a Hair Salon and be satisfied with the service we received.


Our highly trained staff are here to tackle all your needs with a professional Styling that will leave you looking and feeling phenomenal. 


Are you looking for texture and shine? Chocolate brown? Soft caramel? Ginger strands or baby soft blond? Are you feeling bold or inconspicuous today? With highlights you can have it all, your choices are endless!


Our stylists will work with you to select beautiful tones just right for you. You can look as natural or as obvious as you feel comfortable with.



This is for you if you want to see your beautiful highlights only on the top of your head.



This is for you if you desire to have your luminous highlights all thru your hair



This is for you if you want to spice up your hair with a few intentionally placed foils. Our stylists will customize your highlight placements and colour formulations to compliment your look.


Add on treatment to lock in your colour.

Corrective Colour

At Scissorworks and Company, our team of professionals are committed to providing you with amazing service to make sure you go home happy. Our staff will walk you through what's involved in your corrective colour appointment and are ready to pamper you.


Light to Dark: Are you bored with light coloured hair? Are you tired of the constant regrowth line against your light shade?  Do you feel like having a deep rich shade that brings out your eyes and looks radiant against your skin?


A Colour Change corrective service of ” light to dark” will minimize your maintenance and leave your hair looking polished and radiant. You can expect to be coloured twice with this corrective service. The first application will fill your hair with pigment it will need to hold onto your new darker shade.  The second application will produce the shade that is just right for you.

We recommend Colour Powermix treatment to seal in your new colour.


Dark to Light

Are you tired of dark hair?  Are you ready to wow your friends with a new shade?  Would you like your hair to be a few shades lighter all over, not just with highlights?


A Colour Removal corrective colour is a service that we do when you are looking for a lighter colour and you have a darker colour build-up on the hair. We will prep your hair for a new lighter look with a colour remover.  


Depending on the level of the colour you have, and the degree of lightness you desire, this may need to be done more than once.  This service lifts off all unwanted dark artificial colours not affecting your natural colour at all.  


Once the artificial pigment has lifted off, a colour product will be applied to achieve a vibrant, rich colour you will love.


This service requires a consultation with your stylist.  It can be a time-consuming process and we want to book you the correct amount of time with us. Your stylist will consult with you to determine your end result as timing and technique will vary depending on your hair.


We recommend a colour a treatment by Kevin Murphy or Eleven Australia to lock in your new colour.

Two Step Blonding

Do you want to be Nordic Blonde, buttery golden blonde or icy blonde? Having a bleach and tone is a full head lightening service. It is a service that we will do for you when you desire all of your hair to be blond.

Think of Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera's gorgeous blond locks as this is what you will have when you leave the salon! We will lighten your hair to a desirable level and then complete this process with a toner to achieve the perfect hue you are after.


Our 2 step lightening and toning process ensure you are the beautiful blonde you have always wanted to be. We recommend a L’Oreal Powermix colour or a luxurious Kevin Murphy treatment with your lighting service.

Ombre / Balayage Services

Ombre / Balayage is a new colouring sensation to mimic the effects of sun-kissed, beachy, imperfect hair.


Ombre means darker at the root area. Balayage means lighter at the ends. The “look” is a graduation from the roots (darker area) to the ends (lighter area).


We will hand–paint or foil to customize your look, to create movement and volume for your hair. This will be a great look for you if your hair is longer and you want to have light ends without the root line grow out issue.


You will achieve radiant hair, full of light as if kissed by the Rio de Janeiro sun.


Is your hair in need of CPR? Do you want your colour to last longer? We have a solution for you!


L'Oreal: Our single-dose L’Oreal treatments work in synergy with L’Oreal Professional Hair colour.

These treatments were developed in Paris, France to give you instantaneous shine and condition for your hair.


Power Mix Color: This one-step treatment will benefit your hair after your colour service. It's your hair colours insurance policy! L’Oreal Powermix will seal in, prolong and preserve the shine of your beautifully coloured hair. This treatment will benefit the surface and cuticle layer of your hair to lock in your new colour.

Powermix Repair Lipidium treatment:  This one-step treatment will benefit your chemically damaged hair if your hair is dry, fragile or sensitised. Repair Lipidium instantaneously provides deep condition to your hair. This treatment treats the surface and cuticle layer of your hair to strengthen the hair fibres.

Powermix Liss Treatment: This treatment will deliver nutrition to your dry hair. Liss will tame rebellious and curly hair; this treatment is for clients who want smoother, shinier hair.


Powermix Nutri Treatment: This treatment will provide hydration and nourishment to your hair. This treatment is excellent for clients with dry undernourished hair, repairing it without weighing strands down. 


Powermix Force Treatment: This treatment will provide your hair with strength and shine. Ideal for brittle hair, the treatment will fortify and protect the hair fibre.

Kevin Murphy: Kevin Murphy Treatments use the best of nature and technology with skincare ingredients. Working on a molecular level we vow to improve the texture, shine, moisture and overall health of your hair and scalp. Think of this as a facial for your hair. We will remove dead and rough particles using gentle and natural fruit acids (AHA's) from Papaya, Citrus and Pineapple. Replace lost moisture and strength to reveal soft touchable and glowing hair.


TREAT.ME MOISTURE: For hair that is dehydrated, frizzy or chemically treated. Add weightless moisture, shine and softness to your hair with this personalized in-salon treatment. Precious oils and plant extracts will not only hydrate, regenerate and restructure, they will rebuild from the inside out with no weight, leaving your hair manageable and enlivened. Includes sensory massage.

TREAT.ME STRENGTH: For distressed hair that is weak, brittle and damaged. Restore strength, thickness and elasticity to hair by using a combination of strengthening proteins and amino acids. This personalized treatment addresses issues associated with weak, brittle and damaged hair. Hair will be revitalized, smoother and more elastic with more body and strength. Includes sensory massage.


ANTI-AGEING: For hair that has suffered the effects of hormonal, environmental or chemical ageing. Restore youthful lustre and resilience to dry, damaged and premature ageing of hair. Inspired by the unique revitalizing and preserving properties of Immortelle, this transformative in-salon ritual includes a sensory massage and the combination of YOUNG.AGAIN to uncover your hairs previous luminosity, bounce and strength. your hair will be left feeling young again!

What to expect: You can expect to have your treatment after your colour service, or before a hair cutting or styling service at our back bar. You will be treated to one of our relaxing head massages while your treatment is processing. Once your treatment has been rinsed, your hair will feel luxurious and silky.

Up Do Sets

Waves, curls, crimping, braids, loose voluminous hair, or tousled curls for that fabulous “HOLLYWOOD HAIR”.


If you are going to a party, wedding, graduation or just your day to day wear, let us pamper you. We take great pride in our craft to ensure you look beautiful for your event. Our stylists love to “dress hair”.


To achieve the hottest looks of the season for you your stylist can help you to plan your appointments to ensure we achieve the right look for you!

Mens Services

Whether you are looking for the latest trend or a classic taper cut, our talented stylists can create a look that suits you.


If you are looking to take your haircut to the next level, why not let our colour experts help blend and camouflage unwanted grey or change the entire look with highlights or an all-over colour.


Concerned about thinning hair? Ask our stylists about the latest technology that can reverse the trajectory of your hairline and density. 

Ask about our Men's retail lines... Barberstation, Johnny B, Layrite and more.


Perm your personality! Add texture to your fine limp hair; giving it volume and body to create those sexy curls for a night out on the town. Perms give you flexible looks for today’s world.


A consultation with our skilful stylists will give you the look you want. They will take into consideration your type of hair, from its texture and condition to your facial features to create the look for you that you so desire.

Straightening Services

Are you fighting with your hair? Is your hair frizzy? Is it difficult to smooth out? We can help!


Chemical straighteners can add a whole new dimension to your hair. In the past, if you have lived with unruly bushy hair,  now we have a solution for you.


We can give you frizz-free hair. If you are looking for very smooth hair or just to soften your hair into controlled waves, a straightening service will leave your hair feeling manageable and soft.


Before booking your service appointment, your stylist will consult with you to decide if this is the right service for you.

Hair Extentions

Are you searching for added volume? Do you desire longer hair? Are you looking to achieve thickness?


Look no further as we have the answer for you! Extensions not only help with adding length to your hair, they can also assist with adding thickness, and volume! One of our talented extension specialists will be able to customize your extensions to achieve your desired look.

At Scissorworks we offer three different types of extensions (descriptions below): Tape In, Bead, and Keratin Bond Extensions (Fusion Extension).


Our extensions are made from real human hair and are created by Babe Extensions. All Babe’s hair is ethically sourced hair from India and Asian countries. All Babe hair is 100% Remy hair meaning the hair is shaved right from the root ensuring the cuticle is smooth.


This process reduces matting and tangling for you! The hair's smooth texture is created without using synthetic coatings like silicone Babe hair is processed for thirty to forty-five days to achieve the beautiful colours that Babe has to offer.


This technique involves connecting the extensions to the hair with keratin protein bonds. Each stand will be individually attached for 360-degree movement and ultimate styling potential!

  • The hair can be reinstalled up to three times (with proper care).

  • Lasts 12-16 weeks with proper care.

Seamless Finish (Tape-In Extensions)

This technique will provide length and volume and they blend with ease! The medical-grade adhesive is designed for hair to create a seamless effect. With proper care, they won’t weaken and will hold well in your hair, until you’re ready to remove them with help of one of our extension experts!

  • The hair can be reinstalled up to three times (with proper care).

  • Lasts 6 – 8 weeks with proper care (dependent on your hair growth).

Bead Extension Beads are lightweight and specially designed to not damage your natural hair! They are safe, secure and blend easily with your hair.

  • The hair can be reinstalled up to three times (with proper care).

  • Lasts 6-8 weeks with proper care (dependent on your hair growth).


Please note a consultation is required prior to your full appointment being booked. At your consultation your extension specialist will:

  • Discuss your extension options.

  • Select your extension colour(s)

  • Provide a quote and approximate timing for your service.

  • Book your full appointment.

  • Take a non-refundable deposit which will be half of the service charge quoted.

  • Place your order to ensure your extensions are delivered prior to your install.

Wedding and Graduation

That special day is just around the corner and you want to be stunning on your wedding or your graduation day.


Scissorworks and Company can ensure your hair is elegant and beautiful, and offer you a tailored approach to meet your special occasion requirements.


Your stylist will work with you to plan your hair colour and length to accommodate your event.


We recommend a ladies trial run approximately 2 weeks prior to your special day to ensure your hair will compliment your dress and your personal style.


P.S. Don’t forget the important man in your life; our stylists can design a look just right for him.

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